Swept Away Slots

Here we go for some nice and true classics with Swept Away slots which are there to get you all the great excitement and only the best jackpots out there. WGS technology knows just how to surprise you as it goes ahead with offering only the best opportunities for you out there. You will be treated nicely and generously as you go on with this slot game and keep coming back to it. You will be able to have the most out of the sweet opportunities of this game as you keep enjoying the wonderful theme and shiny symbols of it. There are only the most generous symbols in this game to entertain you and get you the hottest payouts of this game. Above all the entire approach to the game remains super easy and classic. The theme of the game is simple and chilled while the crazy payouts are there to get you the best opportunities and highly thrilling emotions. So join in the game and start hitting the hottest wins of the wonderful classics.

Theme and Symbols

The game has been created by talented groups of developers who had the amazing generous and yet classic game play for all the players. The theme of the game is rather classic as well featuring a chilled and relaxed beach and isolated island. The wonderfully generous symbols of this game are also nicely made and go with the wonderful bright theme of the game. All the symbols on the reels relate to things that one could need in case is lost on an Island to survive there. The main symbols of the game include a log fire to keep you warm and a rubber dingy for a desperate row away attempt. Instead of the standard slots BAR symbols we have SOS symbols, and they make up a number of the winning pay outs. This is a great experience which also features an exciting story for you and for your piece of fun you are welcome to join the wonderful opportunity and become a part of the wonderful adventure.


Swept Away slot is a perfect simple and classic experience which comes with as simple 3 reels and one single pay line. While the theme is quite classic as well already the game play of this slot comes to make your experience even more complete. Here you will have the chance to choose from 1 to 3 coins to place your bets. Of course in case you are willing to try your luck with the best opportunities of the game you will need to keep your bets at the maximum amounts as well. Meanwhile betting high in this game is more than worth it as the payouts of this slot are something special to experience and you are going to love the crazy amounts that are going to come to your way as you spin the wonderful reels of the game. There is also a useful stop spin button available in this game which gives you the opportunity to stop the spins as they happen at any point of your game play. This will give you the chance to hit sweet wins even faster and more precise in case you have a good and fast eye and can spot and act on the opportunity as it comes by.


The wonderful classic theme and game play of this slot game are surely wonderful reasons to join this game meanwhile the true inspiring payouts and top jackpots of this slot are the main reason to give this one a spin. You have the most desired symbol of the Swept Away which is your Jackpot symbol of the game. You may want to dedicate a special attention to this one as in case you manage to land 3 of them on your pay line you will get to win the top amounts of the game. The best part here still remains the wonderful opportunity to receive a payout even in case you get only one of this symbol. So get inspired, make yourself comfortable in your seat and start your sweet spin show here!