Turkey Shoot

You can tell the season this Turkey Shoot slot game happens in, thanks to all those wonderful fall colors. Orange, yellow, red and a hint of green… all the changing colors of the season are there, along with a turkey wearing a helmet. We think. It’s a cartoon turkey, so we guess anything is possible, right?

If you’re eager to find out more about the Turkey Shoot slot game, you’ll find it at Liberty Slots Casino today. And we review it for you here too.

A simple three-reel game? Not quite

Turkey Shoot does have three reels, with just one line in play, but it doesn’t behave like a regular slot. That’s because we also have some multiplier logos in action.

There is a 2x wild oval logo for starters, so if that appears in a winning line, you’ll receive double the standard prize. Better still is the 5x Turkey Shoot oval logo, featuring the turkey itself.

But best of all is the series of combinations you can get with those icons. Two multipliers work together to produce bigger prizes, so if you found two of the 5x multipliers in play, you’d receive 25x the usual prize.

There is a bonus turkey as well

It’s worth playing the maximum three-coin wager on Turkey Shoot. If you do, and you can find the bonus turkey logo on the third reel, you’ll play the bonus round. We can only think of a handful of slots offering a bonus round for a three-reel game, and this is one of them.

We’re not sure what’s involved with this, but we don’t mind because it is a bonus round and you don’t see many of those with three-reel slots.

Check out the Turkey Shoot slot at Liberty Slots today

You may just find one or two more games with bonuses to play at this casino. With slots coming in huge quantities from WGS, you can count on finding plenty of multipliers in some of their games as well.

This isn’t our top pick at the casino, but it is just one example of some cool three-reel slots with bonuses that crop up there. Try it today and check out the other features at the casino as well.