Goblin's Gold Wild X Slots

Looking for some fun themed experience for today? WGS has something very nice and fun for you. Try out the great experience of Goblin’s Gold Wild X Slot game which comes with some amazing features and crazy bonuses. While the theme and features make the entire gaming experience fun and special, and rather sophisticated, with this slot game you will be able to enjoy a nice classical gameplay. You will have great quality symbols and icons to have fun with. At the same time all the great opportunities will keep coming right to your hands. Get ready to join the fun characters of the game and start enjoying the great wins as well. Join in and start enjoying and good luck in hitting all the bonuses in there!

Theme and Symbols

The quality game of Goblin’s Gold Wild X Slot comes with incredible design and of course as may have been guessed some nice and fun theme which is also very rewarding. As a classical game play you will have the game nicely adjusted for a very simple structure of the slot. So you will not need to worry about getting overwhelmed by too many symbols and complicated themes. Instead you will have charming characters and generous payouts. Above all, quality and perfectly matching sound effects will be there to make your experience as complete and fun as possible. All the symbols are traditional in nature with the only exception of the 3X Red symbol. When you get any two 3X symbols on the reels, you will win 9x's your bet, and if you get one of the 3X symbol, you will win 6xs your bet. So keep an eye on the great opportunities and charming greedy for gold Goblins that can be super rewarding once you get to land them on your reels.


What is so entertaining about this great game is that you will get to enjoy all the amazing classic game play while you will be having amazing features that bring high payouts to all the passionate players like yourself. Above all you will have some nice and fun betting options which are there to keep you interested and motivated no matter which amounts you would prefer to play. As a real classic game play you are invited to experience 1 pay line and of course classic 3 reels gaming experience. You will have some nice and fun also not less importantly convenience betting options in here including the minimum of just $0.25 to all the way to $5. This means the maximum bet in here can be worth $15 per spin in case you wish to give the top opportunities a go for you! In addition you will be having the great and most useful auto play mode in this slot game which is perfect in case you wish to simply set the amount and numbers of spins you wish to enjoy in one go.


While the game is generally traditional in the approach and the entire design, you will have some of the most exciting bonuses and special symbols here to enjoy and have fun with. You will have the nice wild symbol which is here the 3X symbol that is there to substitute for any symbol except the Goblin which is your scattered symbol. This one is even more fun and full of opportunities. You will get all the great bonus games and super rewarding multipliers triggered with this great symbol, so you may become a member of a great hunt for the amazing goblins. Above all the top payouts of this game are super insane as you will be betting for the great amounts which can be worth up to 5000 coins. In case this is what you are aiming at, you may wish to keep in mind that the top payouts become available only for the players who go for the top valued bets. So keep it at max and start spinning this fun and quality experience. Good luck!