Triple Rainbow 7's Slots

The ‘rule of three’ comes into play a lot in online slots. Oftentimes, you need three matching symbols to win a prize, for example. There are games with three reels. And there could be other elements you can think of, too.

The theme of three has been used to good effect in Triple Rainbow 7s, too, and it goes beyond the title, as you will see here. Let’s find out how it could help you win prizes.

Reels and paylines in play

There are three reels here, for starters, and you can secure prizes on just one line.

How much could you wager on Triple Rainbow 7s?

The buttons given as controls allow you to adjust the amount you want to bet with. Coins can be chosen to be worth between a penny and ten dollars, and you can play two coins on the line per spin instead of just the one if you like.

Does this online slot have any special symbols?

The game’s logo is the substitute, and this is the most important feature in the game. Firstly, you can win something if you find just one of them appearing on your payline. But it gets much better than that. Multipliers can also be triggered by the wild, and if this happens, you can benefit from much bigger prizes.

For example, a wild appearing in a winning combination means you get three times the usual amount you’d win in that situation. And if you can go one better and have two wilds involved, get ready for a prize that is worth NINE TIMES its usual amount!

Can you play one or more bonus features?

No, the game is restricted to the wild feature, which we think is enough in this situation.

Download and play Triple Rainbow 7s slots today!

We think this game is very entertaining and always has the promise of bigger prizes, thanks to the 3x and 9x multipliers offered by the wild logo. If you manage to win prizes with these in force, you could come out on top when playing the game.

But you will notice it provides an entertaining and enjoyable experience, and that’s what we are all after whenever we play online slots. So, if you want to know more, make sure you give it a try and spin those rainbow reels today.