Treasure Trail Slots

Looking for a fun experience which comes with classic and simple game play while offering huge and crazy payouts? There are loads out there to explore in the wonderful world of Treasure Trail Slots by WGS. This wonderful classic slot game that features a rich gold mining site for all the passionate players out there is full of amazing opportunities for you. You will get to enjoy all the wonderful opportunities of the game as you get to play the shiny reels of this game. Expect to land the crazy and generous winning combinations of this game super easily and quite often. Above all, what you will simply adore will be the amazing progressive jackpot of this classic game which is always fun and generous!

Theme and Symbols

The theme of the game features everything you could have expected to experience in a perfect and generous gold mine. The place is really magical as you get to experience the amazing opportunities and valuable treasures that are hidden in here. You will get to go on an adventure with the lovely classic characters of the game to find your share of treasures. The great symbols of the game include; Crosses, Treasure Chests, Skull & Crossbones, Telescopes, Gold Bars, Parrots, Diamonds and Sevens. While you are surely going to enjoy the great quality of the game and amazing video and sound effects that are invested in this brilliant slot game, landing the amazing combinations of the game will become your favorite objective in here. There are no extra wild or scattered symbols in this game which promises 2 important things: first of all you will get to enjoy a true simple and classic game play with no distractions and then, you can be sure that all the simple symbols with the appropriate winning combinations are nice and generous enough so you will not feel the need to have anything more in here.


Treasure Trail is a 3-reel and single pay line slot game which is always easy and fun to play. There are loads of opportunities here for you and you will find it fun and interesting to find out as you place your very first bets and start to explore the wonderful world of opportunities and rewards. You can choose to play up to $1.25 for each spin while the most generous payouts can become available for you in case you wish to go for the top wagers of the game. There are loads of opportunities here for you which you will love to be hitting. This is something nice and fresh while remaining super nice and classic you still have great deal of flexibility in the game play. There are amazing things around the adventure in here which you will love to explore, many surprises that will come to your way as you play on.


The best part of Treasure Trail is an amazing progressive jackpot which you are going to love. This truly amazing opportunity is something super sweet as the wonderful amount keeps growing with each player joining and playing on this wonderful sot game. The wonderful amount is possible to hit with solely the simple symbols of the game. There are no other bonus games and extra opportunities in here so you will be enjoying the best of the wonderful classic game play. The wonderful jackpot is there to get you the best excitement of the day while the wonderful design and graphics will keep you entertained. Join in the adventure to discover the treasures of the day which will turn to some real cash for you at the end of the day. So nothing but fun and joyful leisure for you in here!