Jolly Harbour Slots

Jolly Harbour Slots
Jolly Harbour by WGS Technology is something very nice and special that you are going to enjoy so much. If you are looking for a classic game play with simple basic features and no destruction and obviously great ad generous payouts, this is the one you would wish to go with! The game is a perfect experience for the fans of minimalistic play meanwhile loads of fun and excitement is guaranteed as you start placing your sweet bets for the top payouts of the game. The symbols and entire theme of the game is pretty nice and chilled in general hinting on a marine topic. Your sweet characters are very rewarding and you are going to love landing the sweet combinations as you play on!

Theme and Symbols

This wonderful slot game is Harbour and sea related themed opportunity that has all the wonderful featuring symbols in there. You will get to enjoy a quality gaming as the creators put their best in this amazing gaming opportunity for you. Every detail of the game is made with great attention to detail and nowadays best design. You will get to enjoy wonderful symbols and characters of the game such as an anchor, a ships wheel and a life ring, in addition to 2 types of very generous fishes! Top quality wonderful sound effects which go wonderfully smooth with the theme of the game will make your gaming experience with this slot simply perfect. So join in for the marine adventure of today and start spinning!


Jolly Harbour is a wonderful game full of some of the most perfect opportunities of a slot adventure out there! You will get to enjoy the best of the chances to win that come with amazing shiny 5 reels and rewarding 5 pay lines! The game is simple perfect for both new players out there or already experiences passionate players. The game play in general is very simple and basic. You will enjoy the great taste and simplicity of the game which is so magnetic once you join in. In addition you will have flexible and very convenient betting options for this slot game as well! You can start betting from just 1 cent per coin, all the way up to $10 for each of your spin. But above all you will enjoy the top opportunities of this game which will get you the chance to hit a crazy top payout of $100.000. In order to be able to hit this great top amount you will need to keep your bets at top as the greatest and hottest opportunities become available to you only in this case. Meanwhile whichever strategy you choose you will always have wonderful opportunities to surprise you!


The game is a great opportunity for you to enjoy one of the most generous yet simple game plays out there! You will be enjoying a simple and easy game with no extra features or complicated symbols. The game comes with no scattered or wild symbols instead you are offered to enjoy some of the most generous combinations which are there to rewards you with big cash. You will have 24 wonderful combinations to aim at as you play and enjoy on! Above all you will be nicely surprised just how generous the game can be while remaining so nice and simple when it comes to all the features and extra opportunities. So keep your reels active and remember to bet on with your top amounts for all the great top generous opportunities of this great slot game. All the best of luck in hitting the top jackpots of the game! Join the experience and hit them all!