Monster Money Slots

For a unique experience full with fun and humor you are welcome to try some of the most generous opportunities that Monster Money slots have to offer to you! WGS created this wonderfully science themed experience which is based on Dr Frankenstein story. The entire experience is always fun and generous. You will have all the great characters of the game to help you get the best payouts ever. You will above all enjoy amazing flexibility of this slot game. This is something very unique as you get to know all the wonderful chances of the game. Meanwhile the great taste and amazing details of the game will always keep you inspired and you will find yourself coming back to this place over and over again!

Theme and Symbols

For all the science lovers this slot game will seem like a real treat. Not only will you get to enjoy the wonderfully made theme of the Monster Money slot game but also will get to experience just how generous the wonderful symbols of the game can be for you. You will get to help the famous scientist Dr Frankenstein get a hold on his spooky creature and take advantage of the situation to make some extra credits as you play on. The game in general is very humorous with nothing scary at all as the characters and design is main cartoon-based. The theme is created as a part of the story which is happening in the professor’s laboratory, an underground complex filled with strange machines no one really knows for what it should be used.


Playing this wonderful game is always fun mainly because forts of all it is insanely easy. You have all the great basic features in here in addition to the classic rules that match perfectly with the atmosphere and the fun spirit of the game. You will get to enjoy the wonderful 5 reels and as wonderful 25 pay lines of the game which are all there to get you all the excitement of the day you have been looking for. There is of course the most exciting and useful auto spin mode in this game. This is a wonderful feature that will help you saving time on spinning the reels each time manually. You can make use of the nice flexible betting opportunities in here as you get to decide just how high you wish to wager on this game. Of course the more you bet the higher payouts you will be aiming at. So place your first bets and good luck hitting top combinations here!


In addition to the wonderful combinations that this game offers you to hit, you will get to experience some of the hottest bonuses in here. You have both of the great bonus symbols in this game including the wild and the scattered symbols of course. Your wild symbol of the game is the professor himself, Dr Frankenstein. The main character of the game not only will get you the fastest payouts but will also get you the opportunity to hit wild combinations are also worth up to x5000. Then as a true inspiring generous scatter symbol of the game, the electric rod has the power to pay regardless of its position on the reels. On top of a cash prize, the scatters can also initiate a mini game which is another super exciting opportunity for you in this game. Here you will be offered to face 8 different doors and you will need to keep opening them up to reveal cash prizes. Finding the professor behind one of the doors will triple your previous rewards instantly. This is just one part of the wonderful opportunities that will become available for you as you join this great opportunity. So decide on your very first bet amount and give the fun slot game a spin! Good luck!