Funny Moolah Slots

Up for humorous themed and nicely made slot game which comes with some special bonus games and opportunities to hit some real deal of cash? Funny Moolah by WGS may be just the one you have been looking for! There are so many opportunities that this game features and as you join the fun experience you will get to explore them all. Above all you will appreciate the great quality of the game and endless combinations of the unique symbols of this game. You will find it so entertaining spinning the reels of this great game, while all the great opportunities keep coming to you. Look for the special symbols of this game to ensure you get to enjoy all the great bonus opportunities as well!

Theme and Symbols

The game of Funny Moolah is all about fun and special opportunities. You will also find some nice and mysterious symbols such as crooked cops, briefcases full of money, and a hint of tax evasion, which come together to create the perfect way to spend a few hours spinning the reels. The symbols can be extremely rewarding as you manage to land them in winning combinations. Meanwhile you will get to enjoy the high quality game play as you start spinning the reels as you will start appreciating the wonderful work the developers of the game have put in this wonderful slot machine. You will also have the best of sound effects and graphics to enjoy. All of your gaming experience has the chance to be just perfect so once you land your first win combination just keep coming back for more. The game can be really generous so you will enjoy your new experiences with the game over and over again. Join and enjoy!


Funny Moolah comes with the greatest 5 reels and amazing 25 pay lines which are full of opportunities for you! You will have the chance to decide on how many lines you wish to play however bear in mind that the top payouts of the game come with the top bets so you may wish to use all of your lines as you place your bets. In addition to being able to decide on how many lines you wish to place your bet on, you will also get to decide the great amount you wish to place on each great and shiny spin of yours. The game gives you the opportunity to choose bet amounts from great coins sizes of from 0.01 to all the way to 2.00. There are loads of opportunities for you in case you wish to play on small amounts or if you are up for some hit game play full of top payout opportunities just for you! Meanwhile, what you are going to appreciate most of all is the great simplicity and nice and easy approach to all the game play of the slot! You will have the chance to enjoy highest payouts with the most basic game play features – all made for your convenience and of course endless fun!


The game comes with the great wild symbol which you are going to love to land on your incredibly generous reels. This symbol here is the mob boss which is there to get you more frequent wins as you start playing the incredible game. Above all you will also have the funny moolah symbol which is your scattered. Here you will have all the fun you have been looking for as the symbol is there to activate all the great and exciting free spins for you which come with loads of multipliers and bonus features. Both of the bonus symbols are very generous and incredible combinations with each of them are carrying even more than what has been describes. All you need to do here is to join in and start exploring all the wonderful opportunities there are in here! Good luck in hitting all of the top payouts!