Atomic Jackpot Slots

Atomic Jackpot Slots
For all the fans of futuristic topics, here is something amazing for you brought by WGS. The great adventure is all about great imagination and amazing features. At the same time the game remains super fun and easy to play. All the features are easy to trigger and enjoy so you can be sure that you will be enjoying a great adventure with no need to make any complicated adjustments or land specific combinations. It is rather a classic and traditional gameplay kind of game which is full of surprises. You will never be bored with this game as new and even better opportunities come across every time as you play on. The great quality design and incredibly useful features will make you want come back to playing the game over and over. So make yourself comfortable and start the new adventure today!

Theme and Symbols

The slot game has all the great classic features and approaches of a true classic game play and style. At the same time you have modern highest quality of graphics and amazing sound effects. You will get to enjoy amazing classic game play with the modern quality and loads of excitement. The key topic of the game is Nuclear Physics Science which is always something very exciting. The symbols of this slot machine are made up of a nuclear symbol, a nuclear physicist, and an atom symbol just to name a few. The entire approach will take you to the future world full of unexpected discoveries and amazing imagination which you are going to enjoy so much. So look for the great symbols of the game and try land as many winning combinations as possible. Good luck!


As a classic traditional game play, you can expect nothing but fun and simple rules. You will have all the minimalistic approaches to enjoy here with of course classic 3 reels and 3 pay line experience. You will have great betting options to choose from in here. So you can bet from a very small amount of just 10 cents to all the way to $50 per spin. Meanwhile make sure to bet at your max amount in case you wish to aim at the top payouts of this game. This makes it the best opportunity for all types of players. In case you wish to take it easy and slow you can always bet at the small amounts and be sure you will have some great payouts waiting for you in there according to your bet amount. Meanwhile in case you wish to play on higher stakes, be ready for the hottest surprises out there.


The game is a traditional slot which has all the great excitement with no additional features and bonus games. Despite of the game not offering any multipliers, bonus games or any other sophisticated features, you can still enjoy the great quality classic slot game with incredible opportunities to hit the top wins of the game. There is however one of the most useful features of the game, which you are going to love. You can make use of the stop spin feature which will let you stop the reels at any point of your game. This is a great one to get you even better convenience and total control over the game play you will be having. So as you see you have all the great opportunities, classic game play and amazing convenience that come with great classy approach, great theme and a super simple game play. So all you need to do here is to relax, make yourself comfy in your seat and start hitting the hot payouts of the game. All the best of luck here!