Liberty 7's Slots

Some games are so complex, you must spend time reading through several pages of a paytable before you can start to play. Others are self-explanatory without even looking at a paytable.

Liberty 7s falls into the second category, so does that mean it isn’t worth trying for size, or does it still provide a nice playing experience? WGS Technology is the name behind this game, and if you have a chance to try it out, we’d recommend you do so.

Reels and paylines in play

As you may have thought before now, you only have three reels to spin and one win line to place your bets on with each spin.

How much could you wager on Liberty 7s?

WGS Technology often uses a large selection of coins for players to choose from. They have done this here, sticking with one cent as the smallest one and going up as high as $10 for the biggest line bet. You also have a chance to bet up to three of your chosen coins on the line. This opens up the chance to win bigger prizes if you are happy to bet more with each spin.

Does this online slot have any special symbols?

You won’t find a wild here, nor is there a scatter in play. You can look for sevens, though, as you’d expect them to be present with the title Liberty 7s in play. They come in red, white and blue colors, and while you can win prizes for various combinations of them on that payline, the best prize requires something specific. In this case, you must get a red, white and blue combo to win the jackpot. The amount won depends on the coins played.

For example, that combo with a one-coin bet would reward you with 2,400 coins. If you got that combo on a two-coin bet, you’d win 4,800 coins. But if you had played three coins, the prize is much larger, reaching 10,000 coins and some celebrations for you, too!

Can you play one or more bonus features?

No, there are no bonus elements to play.

Download and play Liberty 7s slots today!

If you enjoy classic games that don’t go beyond three reels and one payline, you may be delighted to play this one. The only way to know for sure if you like it or not is to try it.