Alien Invasion Slots

Alien Invasion Slots
Up for a nicely themed generous slot experience with is full of amazing jackpots and crazy combinations for you? Try out Alien Invasion by WGS which is full of amazing opportunities and is made with great graphics and incredible bright solutions. Above all you will get to enjoy and have fun with incredible features and great symbols of the game which all together are created to get you all the great opportunities and great payouts of the game. Look for the wonderful symbols, crazy combinations and the most charming and sweet bonuses which will make your experience unforgettable and will great you all the great chances to hit big wins of this game. Good luck and see you inside!

Theme and Symbols

The great theme of aliens and great creepy characters that feature have been quite popular lately. Alien Invasion is yet another creative and nicely done example of the entertaining and exciting topic which is full of some amazing opportunities just for you. If you are crazy about the aliens, space and great quality fantasy, then you will love the great characters of the game which are also very generous. Symbols of the game include planets and spaceships and of course some of the creepy aliens! You will get to experience just how extremely rewarding and generous these symbols can be as you start landing them in winning combinations. The game in general is quite simple and classic, while the quality and exciting design and features make the game super special and full of opportunities. There is lot of fun for you in here so give it a try and start the great rewarding show!


Besides of being a wonderful entertainment for the day for you Alien invasion is also a great opportunity for you to have a relaxing and super flexible gaming experience. You will get to enjoy great gaming experience that comes with 3 reels and 2 pay lines and amazing betting options which you will appreciate. You can start betting from just $1 to all the way up to $10.00. You will be excited to learn that the top payout of this game is worth $20.000 so you have something very hot to look forward to! In addition you have the perfect auto spin feature here which will let you select the number of spins you wish to have without interruptions and give it a go from there to save yourself time and efforts. Get ready and give it a go!


In Alien Invasion you have some of the best bonuses and extra win features out there. While the entire concept of the game is to keep the game as simple as possible and get the players the most relaxing and chilling gaming experience out there, there are still some of the most exciting features included in the game which are all super easy to play and trigger and are super fun to make use of. In particular you may want to look forward to the generous and fun wild symbol which is there for you to get hot payouts as you land this symbol in a winning combination. You will also get to enjoy the crazy multipliers this game comes with meanwhile keep in mind that you may wish to bet at the maximum amounts in order to be able to hit the top payouts of the game. At the same time you have the great amount of 2000 coins to concentrate on and take it with you at the end of your lucky session. So get into winning mood and start spinning for your part of exciting fantasy world of fun and endless opportunities.